Admissions time is growing near…

If you’ve previously applied to this program, you’ll notice that we’re launching a new admission system this year.  It should make things much easier for everyone, but I thought I’d take the opportunity clarify a few changes.

  • We will only accept online applications. We’re going green!
  • We will only accept electronic recommendations.  All of your recommendations must be requested via email, directing your evaluator to a link which will allow them to write or upload a letter.  The system will provide you a template, but you need to send the email.  You will be able to track whether your letters have been received or not.
  • You must upload your prose writing samples as a PDF.  It’s just the most universally readable format.  If you have audio or video elements to your portfolio, there will be a place to provide a YouTube or DropBox link.
  • We require that you fill out the “Record of Subjects Taken” part of the application.
  • Your supplemental essay should be pasted in to the box as plain text (seems odd, yes, but makes it more readable and also searchable.)

It should all be quite clear once you’ve started the application, but we hope to hear from you if it’s not.