GREs, again

Welcome  to admissions season, applicants!

The question of the day today is about GRE scores.  I’ll try to clear some things up, but feel free to respond in the comments if you have more questions.

Yes, we require scores of everyone.  Even if you already have a Master’s degree.  Even if you’ve been out of school for a while.  Even if you’re international.  Why?  Because although the test is not perfect,  it does tell us something about your ability to succeed at MIT.

No, we don’t have a cutoff score.  But if your scores are very low, it will cause the admissions committee to look much harder at your writing samples, work history and transcript.  Which, if you’re  a bad test-taker, is a good thing.

No, we don’t track the average scores of admitted students from year to year.  When we look at your GRE scores, we’re looking at them in the context of you. How someone else performed doesn’t matter when it’s your application we’re reviewing.

Can’t find the right department code for Science Writing at the test center?  Don’t worry  – as long as your scores get sent to MIT we’ll have access to them.