Telling the Stories of Science
A Symposium Celebrating 10 Years of Science Writing at MIT

On March 24, 2012, the Graduate Program in Science Writing celebrated its 10th anniversary with a symposium entitled “Telling the Stories of Science: A Celebration of 10 Years of Science Writing at MIT”. The panels were standing-room only, and the gala dinner was sold out.  Our profound gratitude goes to George and Daphne Hatsopoulos family for their generous support in making this event possible.

Attention and Memory: How the Brain Does What It Does (Free and open to the public)

Robert Desimone, Professor of Brain and Cognitive Science at MIT, director of the McGovern Institute of Brain Science at MIT
Suzanne Corkin, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at MIT
Florian Engert, Assistant Professor of Cellular Biology at Harvard University

Fifty Years Ahead: Imagining Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, and Molecular Biology in 2062

Angela Belcher, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT
Seth Lloyd, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT
Phillip Sharp, Institute Professor, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

7-10 pm Gala dinner with keynote
MIT Museum