“Tainted Wolves” at Australian Film Festival

Amitabh Avasthi ’04 will screen his documentary film Tainted Wolves at the the SCINEMA Festival of Science Film, at venues all across Australia.

“This short documentary highlights the impact of a viral infection — common in pet dogs and cats — on gray wolves in Minnesota. It explores the chance mutations that helped a feline virus first jump from cats to dogs, and then to wolves. With the aid of interviews with wolf biologists and virologists, the film tries to help viewers understand how these rare mutations may have occurred, and the conditions that helped canine parvovirus infections race around the world within a year. While conservation efforts are helping gray wolves in the United States make a comeback of sorts, this film suggests that canine parvovirus could limit the further expansion of gray wolves in Minnesota. According to biologists, each year more than 70 per cent of gray wolf pups in Minnesota are lost to canine parvovirus. In the wake of the H1N1 swine flu outbreak, this documentary touches on a topic of growing concern about emerging infections and viruses that can jump species.” (Amitabh Avasthi)

Tainted Wolves has been screened at many other film festivals including the Frozen River Film Festival, Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Blue Planet Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Artivist Film Festival and the Vineyard Film Festival.

Tainted Wolves (trailer) from Amitabh Avasthi on Vimeo.