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Robin Kazmier

Robin Kazmier grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia, with a bedroom full of maps and a dream of living in the jungle. Her curiosity about the human relationship with nature led her to pursue a BA in anthropology and geography at Northwestern University. After a stint in the education abroad field, Robin took a trip to Costa Rica and stayed there for almost nine years. She spent the first few years working on a cocoa farm in a remote village, and later became a medical Spanish instructor, moving to Costa Rica’s urban center to lead Spanish immersion programs for US health professionals.

Robin’s transition to science writing began when she took a job as editor and project manager of natural history books at Zona Tropical Press. There, she put together field guides to the birds of Botswana and several Central American countries as well as nature photography and children’s books. In 2015, Robin joined Costa Rica’s leading English-language newspaper, where she launched a publishing division and served as general manager. Her work on the wildlife and biodiversity of Costa Rica appears in The Tico Times and she is the author of National Parks of Costa Rica (Cornell University Press, 2015). You can find her at or on Twitter at @rokazmier.

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Anthropology, Geography


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