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Lydia-Rose Kesich

Although Lydia-Rose Kesich has never worked in journalism, she was the subject of a local news story when she was five. The article concerned Lydia-Rose’s extensive natural history collection, and included questions about her favorite item (“I have…[a] little black wing with two tiny bones coming off it…They kind of show how the body worked before the bird died.”) and what the other kids in her class thought of her collection (“They like Disney a little better.”)

Lydia-Rose grew up in Portland, Maine, and her early passion for life science persists to the present day—although her interests have shifted from skeletons to cells. She studied developmental biology at Smith College, where a major part of her education included leading a research project on disruption of neural crest development by environmental hydrocarbons and the creation of a new technique for studying protein turnover in yeast.

After graduation Lydia-Rose joined the gubernatorial campaign of a clean energy entrepreneur in her home state of Maine, where her responsibilities included communications work, fundraising, and science policy. She hopes to use the skills she develops at MIT to pursue a career at the interstices of science and politics, where smart, persuasive writing has the power to create real change.

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