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Congratulations to Daelin Brown, ’23, for winning a Hearst Journalism Award in the Investigative Reporting category. Her winning story—”In Portsmouth, a Superfund Site Pollutes a Creek, Threatens a Neighborhood and Defies a Quick Fix“—was published in Inside Climate News and chronicles how waste from an inactive scrap metal facility in Virginia poisoned area waterbodies and the health risks that local residents face as a result.

Daelin reported the story as an undergraduate at Hampton University, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism before coming to the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing. She shares the award and an accompanying $3,000 scholarship with a student reporting team from Hampton U that includes Jordin Wright, Tigist Ashaka, Sherdell Baker, Sydney Broadnax, Noah Hogan, and Mikayla Roberts.

You can read about all of the winners here. Congratulations, Daelin!