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Congratulations to Stephen Ornes, ’06, for landing his second AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award. Stephen won a Silver Award this year in the Children’s Science News category for “Whales Get a Second Life as Deep-Sea Buffets,” a piece published in Science News for Students that dives into the intricate ways in which whale carcasses support entire undersea communities. Stephen also won the Gold Award in the same category in 2015 for a different Science News for Students story—”Where Will Lightning Strike?,” a piece that explores how scientists study lightning and try to predict where it will connect with the ground.

In addition to Science News for Students, Stephen’s work can also be found in Discover, Scientific American, New Scientist, and PNAS. His debut book Math Art: Truth, Beauty, and Equations (2019) highlights the work of artists inspired by math. You can read more of Stephen’s work right over here. Congratulations, Stephen.