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Emily Ruppel Herrington

GPSW 2011

Emily Ruppel Herrington

Bioethics, science in society

Emily Ruppel Herrington is a Ph.D. student in communication at the University of Pittsburgh with focus areas in rhetoric of science, bioethics, STS, feminist theory, and oral history.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Emily worked as Associate Director of Communications for the American Scientific Affiliation and as Web Editor for the daily blog of the BioLogos Foundation. Most recently, she served as content editor for Abraham’s Dice, a collection of essays on randomness and providence edited by Karl Giberson and forthcoming with Oxford University Press. She also continues to work as executive editor of the ASA’s God & Nature magazine, an online publication offering articles, interviews, poetry, and artwork from international scholars on special topics in science and religion.

Thesis: Hallowed Hands