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Phie Jacobs

GPSW Class of 2023

Phie Jacobs

Gene editing, neurological disease, public health disparities, stem cell research

Phie Jacobs is a writer from the Boston suburbs. They received a BA from Wesleyan University, where they double-majored in biology and English with a concentration in creative writing. Although they originally dreamed of a career writing science-fiction and fantasy novels, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked their interest in science journalism. Their thesis in English took the form of a pandemic thriller novella, which explored the ways in which social networks transmit infectious diseases as well as infectious ideas. At MIT, Phie plans to report on disease research and on the ongoing fight to achieve equity in public health.

When not writing about science, Phie is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player. Since 2020, they have worked as a game master and writer for Mages of the Mountains, a company that offers online D&D summer camps for children ages 8-12.