MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing
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Join us on Zoom as the Class of 2021 presents their theses to the public.

May 21, 2021
10:00 AM


Elizabeth Gribkoff   “Caught in the Crosswinds: Rural America Could be Renewable Energy’s Nemesis — or its Savior”

Anna Blaustein “The Long Run: Inside the Race to Keep Young Female Runners Healthy and Performing at the Top of Their Game​”

Ali Gold “Battle for the Dinner Table: Can Vegan Analogues Curb America’s Reliance on Meat?”

Kelso Harper “That Could Have Killed Me: How Anti-Fat Bias can be Dangerous, even Deadly, for Heavier Patients”


Saima Sidik “Humans Among the Clouds”

Robert Davis “I, Dentist: Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Oral Healthcare?”

Alice McBride “As the Starling Flies: Bird Migration and the Winding Path of Scientific Discovery