MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing
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In the current climate of fake news and unreliable information, accurate science communication is more important than ever. Our program arms journalists with the tools they need to interpret and question scientific discoveries, and to present that information clearly and concisely for the general public. Modern society has a widening gap between citizens and wielders of scientific expertise; graduates of our science writing program help narrow that gap.

The Graduate Program is always looking for new ways to expand access to our program. In the interest of diversifying the science communication field as a whole, we are constantly looking for ways to bolster our program’s resources and to fund students from a broad range of gender, ethnic, socioeconomic, and sexual orientation backgrounds.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Seth Mnookin for more information. Donations can also be made by selecting “Give” next to “Science Writing Graduate Fellowship Fund” on this page.