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Congratulations to Julian Anna Nowogrodzki, ’15, and the entire team at Nature for winning a 2022 Global Media Award. The Nature team scooped up the top prize in the Best Internal Data Dashboard and Reports, National Brands category for the “Nature Impact Tracker,” a series that documents the worldwide impact of the publication’s reporting.

Funded by the Google Digital News Innovation Fund, the project seeks to reach beyond web analytics to uncover stories about how rigorous science reporting affected policy, research, and human lives. Since it launched in 2021, the tracker has highlighted stories ranging from a chemist in Uruguay who, after being profiled, landed funding to further research on designing inexpensive solar cells, to a brand new conference on open science that launched as a result of a 2020 Nature article on the subject.

Julian is currently the Impact Editor at Nature. Her work can also be found in the New York Times, New Scientist, Nautilus, Smithsonian, MIT Tech Review, NOVA Next, and Mental Floss. Congratulations to Anna and the Nature team.