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Astronomer Vera Rubin spent much of her career fighting to convince the scientific community that dark matter—the mysterious, invisible material now thought to make up a significant portion of the universe—might exist. In her debut book Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond: The Life of Astronomer Vera RubinAshley Jean Yeager, ’08, chronicles Rubin’s struggles against sexism and the pivotal role Rubin played in dark matter research.

“Yeager has done her homework, delivering a lucid explanation of the science without ignoring Rubin’s struggles as a pathbreaking woman in her profession,” said one review published in Kirkus Reviews.

In addition to being an author, Ashley currently serves as associate news editor at Science News, and she was previously an associate editor at The Scientist. She also has bylines in Quanta, Nature, Astronomy, and Sky & Telescope, among other publications.

Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond: The Life of Astronomer Vera Rubin hits shelves on August 17th. Pre-order your copy right over here.