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Congratulations to Camille Carlisle, ’10, for winning the Division of Planetary Science’s Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Science Journalism Award. Camille is currently the science editor at Sky & Telescope, where she oversees feature articles on all aspects of the science of astronomy, from Martian weather to Big Bang cosmology. She picked up the Eberhart prize for her May 2020 cover story “Rugged Worlds,” which details and contextualizes early results from the Japanese space agency’s Hayabusa 2 mission to the asteroid Ryugu, and NASA’s OSIRIS-REX mission to the Bennu asteroid.

“Her writing brings the excitement of planetary science to the general public,” the judges wrote. “The article is a wonderful contribution to the field and will no doubt increase public interest in not only the two space missions, but also more widely in solar system exploration.”

Camille is the second GPSW alumni to have won the Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Science Journalism Award—Josh Sokol scooped up the prize in 2017. You can read more of Camille’s work in Sky & Telescope or on her S&T blog The Black Hole Files. Congratulations again, Camille!