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Tomorrow, Claudia Geib, ’16, will see her first nonfiction book released in the wild. Secrets of the Elephant, a companion to the National Geographic series of the same name, hits shelves on April 4th. The book, co-authored with wildlife conservationist Paula Kahumbu, takes an intimate look at the complex intelligence, social lives, and behaviors of one of the world’s most iconic and endangered creatures. “Combining authoritative, cutting-edge knowledge with world-class photography, Secrets of the Elephants reveals behavior never before witnessed—and sounds a clarion call to honor and protect these magnificent animals,” according to the book’s press release.

When she’s not writing books, Claudia is a producer on Gastropod, a podcast that looks at food through the lens of science and history, and a freelance science writer. Her bylines can be found in National Geographic, The New York Times, Hakai Magazine, Mongabay, Nautilus, and Sapiens Magazine, among other outlets.