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For five years, Devi Lockwood, ’19, traversed twenty countries across six continents in search of first-person accounts of climate change. Often traveling by bicycle and carrying a simple cardboard sign reading “Tell me a story about climate change,” Devi collected stories from indigenous elders and youth about drought and disappearing coastlines in Fiji and Tuvalu, Australian and New Zealanders who have witnessed retreating glaciers and contaminated rivers, and marionette puppeteers and novice Buddhist monks in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. These stories and many more are shared in Devi’s debut book 1,001 Voices on Climate Change: Everyday Stories of Flood, Fire, Drought, and Displacement From Around the World (Tiller Press)

Deborah Blum, Director of the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT and Pulitzer-prize winning author, called Devi’s book, “a testament to the power of listening, and an amazing chance to let yourself hear the symphony of grief and of courage that plays through lives of people around the world, all trying to find their way on a relentlessly changing planet.”

Devi is an editor for Rest of World and has written about science, climate change, and technology for The New York TimesThe GuardianSlate, and The Washington Post, among others. 1,001 Voices on Climate Change is available at bookstores nationwide. Congratulations, Devi.