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Earlier this month, Fatima Husain, ’18, co-launched an audio series two years in the making. BIOmarkers is a podcast sponsored by the Summons Lab at MIT that archives the oral history of organic geochemistry. Created by Fatima and MIT geobiology graduate students Angel Mojarro and Juliana Drozd, the series dives into the lives of those who serve at the heart of the field. The first episode features Dr. Clifford Walters, a career industry expert currently at ExxonMobil, and highlights his early days as a student, how he got into the field of organic geochemistry, and his advice to early career researchers about the future of the field.

In addition to creating BIOmarkers, Fatima is also a Curiosity Correspondent at the MIT Museum, where she produces and hosts a digital video series for an international audience of primary and secondary school students, and a researcher in the Summons Lab. You can listen to the first episode of BIOmarkers here.