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Congratulations to Giorgia Guglielmi, ’17, for scooping up the 2020 John Kendrew Award from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). One of two EMBL Alumni Awards given out this year, John Kendrew Award recognizes excellence in science and science communication.

Prior to coming to the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing, Giorgia studied embryonic development at EMBL Heidelberg by using lasers to influence cell behavior and investigate developmental changes. She earned her PhD in biology through a joint program between EMBL and Heidelberg University, then came to MIT to transition into journalism. Covering life sciences, biomedicine, science policy, and the intersections of science and society, Giorgia has racked up bylines in Nature, Science, Scientific American, Spectrum News, and NOVA Next. Her work ranges from an investigation into a now retracted homeopathy study to coverage of an ethical debate over whether biologists should accept donations from groups that question the safety of vaccines. (Her portfolio is available right over here).

The John Kendrew Award comes with a medal and a €10,000 cash prize. Congratulations, Giorgia!