MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing
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The MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing welcomes the Class of 2020! Hailing from a broad spectrum of science, journalism, media, and research backgrounds, our incoming students include:

  • A longtime reporter and editor whose work tackles the public health ramifications of complex social issues including child marriage and school shootings
  • A virology Ph.D. candidate and creative writer with a self-described “special love for infectious diseases”
  • An environmental journalist whose byline can be found in national magazines as well as on the PBS digital series Eons
  • A videographer, podcast producer, and content creator whose work explores science that happens around us everyday
  • A computer scientist dedicated to demystifying the algorithms and big data that influence our lives
  • An essayist and editor with a passion for biology, of the real and speculative varieties
  • An ecology field researcher motivated to use science communication to shape public policy
  • An editor with a neurobiology background who’s driven to bridge communication gaps between the medical community and the general public

We are thrilled to welcome all of our new students to campus and to see what kinds of inspiring projects this class creates. Bios of our current and incoming students are available here.