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Tuesday, December 7 at 12:30pm, Ashley Jean Yeager, ’08, discusses her latest book Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond: The Life of Astronomer Vera Rubin in a one-on-one chat with astronomer Emma Chapman. Diving into the life of Vera Rubin, an astronomy pioneer whose work played a pivotal role in the fields of dark matter and dark energy, Ashley’s book tackles the technical and academic challenges Rubin faced as well as her uphill battles against rampant sexism in science.

“Many astronomers and cosmologists had worked on this non-intuitive idea of dark matter, but Yeager shows the full context and importance of Rubin’s work,” wrote one reviewer in New Scientist. “…[Rubin’s] own story will doubtless inspire generations to come thanks, in part, to this excellent biography.”

Ashley is currently associate news editor at Science News, and has written for Quanta, Science News, Nature, Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, The Scientist, and other publications. You can catch her talk by registering for this free online event here.