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Right on the heels of scooping up two spots in the 2020 Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology, Josh Sokol is adding another award to his pile. The American Institute of Physics (AIP) named Josh as the winner of their 2020 Science Communication Award in the Articles category. Josh’s winning piece “The Hidden Heroines of Chaos” was published in May of 2019 in Quanta Magazine. The piece tells the untold story of two uncredited female programmers who were central to the development of chaos theory.

“Before this piece, I had very little idea of what early computational science looked like,” Josh said in the AIP press release. “I was surprised to learn how much of a team effort that discoveries from this era were and how they often involved these pioneering early programmers, many of them women. I was also surprised and dismayed to learn that as the dynamics of the field shifted, even someone involved in famous computational work like the butterfly effect and the Lorenz attractor could be discouraged and pushed out.”

The judges unanimously chose Josh’s story, calling it an “exemplary combination of storytelling and physics explanation.”

All winners of AIP 2020 Science Communication Awards receive an engraved Windsor chair, a certificate of recognition, and a check for $3,000. You can read about all of the winners here and check out more of Josh’s work here.