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Congratulations to Kelso Harper, ’21, for being named a 2022 Jackson Wild Media Lab fellow. Designed to offer opportunities for cross-pollination between scientists and media creators, the fellowship brings together science communicators from across the globe for a nine-day immersive science filmmaking workshop. Fellows will work alongside industry mentors to create works using professional-grade equipment, gain filmmaking experience, and network with instructors and like-minded peers. Fellows will showcase their work at the Jackson Wild Summit this September in Burgenland, Austria​​. Kelso was one of 16 fellows chosen from more than 350 applicants worldwide.

The fellowship comes on the heels of other wins this year. As part of a collaboration between Retro Report and Scientific American, Kelso’s short documentary, “What’s in a Number? Some Research Shows That a Lower B.M.I. Isn’t Always Better,” and the accompanying Scientific American story was selected as a finalist for The National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation’s 2022 Digital Media Awards. The project examines how assumptions about weight and body size impact research and medical information around obesity, and it builds on previous reporting Kelso completed for their GPSW thesis on anti-fat bias. Their work can also be found in Scientific American, Science Magazine, and Popular Mechanics, among other outlets. Congratulations, Kelso!



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