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Fall has been a big season for GPSW alum Kendra Pierre-Louis, ’16. Fresh after the leaving the New York Times‘ climate desk, Kendra has joined the team behind Gimlet Media’s upcoming podcast How to Save a Planet. Hosted by Alex Blumberg, Gimlet Media co-founder and CEO, and Dr. Ayana Johnson, one of the world’s leading marine biologists and policy experts, the podcast focuses on those spearheading the fight against climate change and what viable solutions we have for moving forward.

“Climate change is an all hands on deck issue, and it’s gonna take way more than riding our bikes and changing our lightbulbs; so I’m excited to be launching a show that unpacks the full spectrum of climate solutions, and gives people real ways they can be a part of the larger systemic changes we need,” Dr. Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter.

The podcast officially launches on today! (August 20). Head here for the first full episode and for other clips.

Kendra will also be featured in an upcoming climate change anthology. All We Can Save is an essay collection written by women at the forefront of the climate movement. Edited by Dr. Johnson and Dr. Katharine K. Wilkinson, an environmental scientist and editor-in-chief at Project DrawdownAll We Can Save features traditional essays as well as poems and art from a broad array of scientists, journalists, farmers, lawyers, teachers, activists, innovators, policy wonks, and designers, all focused around solutions for leading humanity through the current climate crisis. The book is set to be released September 22nd. You can pre-order a copy right over here.