MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing
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Join us for the thesis presentations of the Class of 2023! Be intrigued, educated and sometimes called to action. May 19, 2023

Presentations will begin at 10am on Zoom:

Featured presentations:

  • Allison Guy, Ecosystem Reboot How scientists are building an inside-out Noah’s Ark for Florida’s vanished coral reefs.
  • Phie Jacobs, Abortion Beyond the Binary Transgender people have historically been left out of reproductive health research. Now, two researchers are bringing their experiences to light.
  • Abdullahi Tsanni Nuhu, The Consumer of Humans Tuberculosis rages till this day and scientists’ best efforts alone can’t win the war.
  • Daelin Brown, The Churches of Hoffman Triangle What can be done to ensure another hurricane the size of Katrina will not destroy the entire city?
  • Vishva Nalamalpu, The Sleepless Forest Observers Ecologists are using remote observation to advance their understanding of environments. Are they losing something in the process?
  • Elizabeth Gamillo, Tuning in to our Planet Scientists are collecting and archiving soundscapes before they disappear
  • William VonHerff, Under their Own Laws