MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing
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Join us for the thesis presentations of the Class of 2024! Be intrigued, educated and sometimes called to action. May 17, 2024

Presentations will begin at 10am on Zoom:

Featured presentations:

  • Lily Stewart, Beyond the Ovaries: Renaming a common yet neglected hormonal condition could be the key to unlocking better care for patients
  • Alex Ip, All Hell Breaks Loose: How Big Oil Ruined a Small Texas Town
  • Noah Daly, Cheaper Than a Funeral: Understanding the Therapeutic Potential of the Psychedelic Compound Ibogaine
  • Hannah Richter, No One Wants To Be A Parasitologist: The Shrinking Field of America’s Least Favorite Animals
  • Sophia Hartley, Trouble on the Range: When Does a National Park Become a Bison Zoo?
  • Alex Viveros, Nipah: The History, and Future, of One of the World’s Deadliest Viruses
  • Sarah Hopkins, Kent Kiehl’s Search for the Criminal Brain: America’s self-proclaimed psychopath whisperer says he can predict criminality in prisoners. Is the criminal legal system buying it?
  • Eva Cornman, The Phight for Phage: Understanding the role of bacteriophage therapy in the context of aquaculture and human health