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Ashley Junger

GPSW 2018

Ashley Junger

Ecology, environmental sustainability, zoology

Ashley Junger is a science and grant writer at Earthwatch Institute in Boston, MA. Ashley grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO, and attended DePauw University as an undergraduate, where she double-majored in Biology and English Literature. At DePauw, she was also an Environmental Fellow, and on the executive board of the environmental and outdoors club. Ashley explored her interests with several internships, researching water purification methods for a non-profit, studying butterfly population dynamics in a Costa Rican nature reserve, and writing about antibiotic resistance for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s magazine. Her work appears in MIT Technology Review and NOVA Next. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys experimenting with embroidery, hiking, and trying out new recipes.

Thesis: Can This Burger Save the Planet? : Synthetic Beef and the Dream of an American Animal-Free Diet