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Bennett McIntosh

GPSW 2017

Bennett McIntosh

Chemistry, genetics, technology

Bennett McIntosh is a freelance science writer, columnist, essayist, and poet based in Boston, MA. Before going freelance, Bennett wrote in-house for the Hertz Foundation, where he covered exciting research from the picoscale physics of SCUBA-diving flies to CRISPR-based viral diagnostics. Bennett has also worked for Princeton University and the University of California, San Francisco, and has published work in various outlets, such as NOVA Next and Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Before coming to MIT, Bennett studied chemistry at Princeton, studying protein structure and function. He is originally from Littleton, CO, and expresses his nostalgia for the Centennial State by occasionally walking up very tall hills and by making my own hot sauce.

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Thesis: SuperAgers : Do Octogenarians with Exceptional Memory Hold the Key to Healthy Aging?

Recent Publications Include: