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Garret Fitzpatrick

GPSW 2012

Garret Fitzpatrick

Astronomy, energy, general sciences

Garret Fitzpatrick is a Senior Systems Engineer at Shell TechWorks in Cambridge, MA, where he uses his background in Aerospace Engineering and Science Writing to help address some of the biggest challenges in the energy industry.

Before joining TechWorks, Garret spent ten years at NASA as a Lead Project Engineer on a cell biology payload designed for the International Space Station and as a Shuttle Crew Escape Engineer responsible for life support equipment on the Space Shuttle.

He holds a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Garret is passionate about exploration and enjoys fishing, skiing, writing, and traveling. He has lived and studied in Ireland, Russia, and India.

Thesis: Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Explorations to the Seafloors of Earth and Europa