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Giorgia Guglielmi

GPSW 2017

Giorgia Guglielmi

Life sciences, science policy, science and society

Giorgia Guglielmi is a journalist covering the life sciences, science policy, and issues in science and society. She has written and edited articles for publications including NatureScience, and NOVA Next.

Giorgia came to MIT in 2016 after completing a PhD at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, where she studied how embryos get their shape.

Giorgia currently freelances from Cambridge, MA. When not writing, she can be found running along the Charles river or on a bike somewhere in New England. Sometimes she’s also on Twitter @GiorgiaWithAnI. You can find examples of her work on her website.

Thesis: Media of Mass Destruction : How Fake News is Killing Italy’s Olive Trees

Recent Publications Include: