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Hannah Richter

GPSW Class of 2024

Hannah Richter

Astrophysics, environmental science

The moment Hannah Richter learned about science writing, she was hooked: it combined her lifelong loves of nature and storytelling.

Hannah holds a bachelor’s in environmental science and a minor in creative writing from the University of Chicago. In the lab, she studied bivalves and ocean acidification before interning at Circle of Blue, where she covered East Coast saltwater intrusion, and at the Living on Earth radio show and podcast, where she produced segments from methane-filled cow burps to cryptocurrency and energy use. Hannah also took her sights from Earth to the stars, interning in communications at NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope team and writing an ebook for the Fermi Space Telescope.

At MIT, Hannah aims to cover more stories about the environment and humans’ role in shaping it.

Recent Publications Include: