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Kelsey Tsipis

GPSW 2018

Kelsey Tsipis

General sciences, health, science policy

Kelsey Tsipis, member of the GPSW ’18 class, has covered a plethora of diverse science topics, including tidal disruption events, the nuclear power market, racial barriers to breastfeeding, and advances in climate modeling. She has also written and produced videos for PBS NOVA, fact-checked for Undark magazine, and designed interactive graphics for a variety of outlets.

Prior to coming to MIT to pursue science writing, Kelsey worked at a large international nonprofit research organization as a medical editor, working primarily with health economists and epidemiologists. As an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, Kelsey covered a wide range of public health and policy topics, including the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, for which she won the North Carolina Medical Society Scholarship for Medical Journalism.

Thesis: Fission and Fury in Perry, Ohio : One Town’s Fight to Save Their Nuclear Power Plant