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Maria Temming

GPSW 2017

Maria Temming


Maria Temming is a technology reporter at Science News, where she covers everything from advances in robotics to mini solar panels. She has written for Scientific AmericanSky & Telescope, and NOVA Next. Maria received her undergraduate degree in physics and English major at Elon University. Maria cut her teeth in science journalism by writing for Sky & Telescope in the summer of 2014, and she worked as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Scientific American the following summer. During the school year, Maria got her science writing fix by contributing to the university tech blog and working on her thesis project: composing three chapters of a popular science book about the attendees of the Green Bank Meeting of 1961, the seminal SETI conference.

Thesis: Melvin Calvin : Nobel-Winning Chemist and SETI Scientist Wannabe

Recent Publications Include: