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Sarah Hopkins

GPSW Class of 2024

Sarah Hopkins

Climate change, migration, public health, science and the law, social justice

Sarah Hopkins holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in literature from the University of Oxford and Sarah Lawrence College. She has worked as a writer, editor, and communicator for social justice organizations, including the ACLU, where she translated complex legal concepts to non-expert audiences and to the media. In these roles, she saw how the law relies on experts trained in scientific fields to move people in power toward informed decisions. She also witnessed how people in power seek to suppress the truth from the public and from the people most impacted by their decisions or policies.

At MIT, Sarah is excited to expand her storytelling across different mediums. She is interested in researching the use of junk science within the criminal justice system and the complex ways in which the law intersects with science—two disciplines that seek the truth but operate in contradictory ways. She also plans to explore other intersections between science and social justice, such as climate change and public health.